Refer & earn a Gift Card for your favourite shop with a value up to £ 200*

When you refer a friend to Tholos Architects, you should expect a lot of gratitude.

Not only your friend will have access to the best professional advice, an all-round service and special discounts for their interiors projects.
They will avoid many risks and save a lot of money, thanks to our experienced team!

You will also show your support to your favourite high street shop (or charity of choice*).

Winning a Gift Card is easy

Use the form to enter:

  1. Your details, so we can reward you.

  2. The Shop Code from the flyer.

  3. The details of the person you are introducing.

This is all you have to do, and you can introduce more than one person.

If they become a client you win a Gift Card worth up to £ 200*!

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