Self build in Orchard Farm, TN25

Self-build is beautiful, exciting and provides a great value-for-money.
If you are dreaming of building your home from scratch, we can help you.

Located in Ashford, Kent, Orchard Farm presents a one-of-a-kind opportunity to become a self-builder. The site offers serviced plots with predefined development criteria, eliminating the need for complex Full Planning approvals.

Each plot comes with a "Plot Passport" outlining the core building limitations, facilitating early discussions with your Architect and allowing you to focus on what matters most: quality of living.

Invest in a plot at Orchard Farm and become a Pioneer in the establishment and development of this community neighbourhood.

Nowhere else you will discover such a unique chance to be part of a thriving community, designed around social spaces, high-quality homes and nature-rich itineraries, enabling residents to lead happier lives.

Know the potential of your plot

Every plot in Orchard Farm has a Plot Passport. It specifies the dimensional limits of the house (heights, square footage, where to extend) where to park, how to access and more.

The plot passports make this development different from any other self-build opportunity.

Minimise Planning risks

In other sites, self builders must submit a Full Planning Application, wait for a decision and risk to receive a refusal.

In Orchard Farm we design your house respecting the clear limitations imposed on the Plot Passport, review the scheme with the Developer get it signed off from the Local Planning Authority without room for objection.

Inspired by East Kent

The design guidelines of the district have been inspired by traditional elements of the area, including walks through orchards and the character of surrounding vernacular architecture.

Landscape around the plots

Moving around the comunity you will find open public spaces that allow social interaction and play.

From courtyards to orchards, from meadows to lanes, the urban setting has been designed to create pedestrian-friendly community spaces.

Design your home with Tholos Architects

One Architect will work closely with you from start to finish, ensuring your vision is maintained, your investment is protected and ultimately you will enjoy high quality living standards.

With experience spanning from surgical interventions on heritage properties to new builts and a different methods of construction, our flexible mindset can adapt to your least expected needs.

Experience grand designs

Thanks to our Virtual Reality technology you can directly experience a full immersion in a realistic 3D design.
Explore your project before construction, make informed decisions, be amazed.

You can also access our network of qualified expert consultants to overcome any technical challenge and provide additional value to your project.

What is Self Build?


- definition
- bespoke design
- experience with different methods

Do I need an Architect for my self build?


- save time
- risk less
- be compliant

How much does it cost to hire an Architect?


- how much do you save?
- lumpsum
- specific scope
- extras

Do I have to pay VAT for a Self Build project?


- no on build
- yes on professional fees
- ask a tax expert for the latest schemes and grants

Why are Tholos Architects your ideal partner?

Being directly connected with the developer behind Orchard Farm, we have exclusive knowledge of such unparalleled opportunity to build your own house in Kent and well aware of the creative possibilities that you can achieve on your plot (and what you cannot).

Over the years our team has worked on both heritage properties and new buildings, making us knowledgeable about traditional, modern and vernacular methods of construction, how to use or combine different structural solutions and how to make the best use of a space.

The commitment of our studio towards the environment is proven by our recent "International Beautiful Buildings Green Apple Environment Award".

We are also passionate about creating organic architecture and healthy living through the use of natural materials and intelligent spatial planning.

Our signature projects stand out for the dialogue created by respecting and enhancing the historical heritage and the context whilst including contemporary, elegant interiors that will never bore.

You can also explore your new home design during the initial stages through immersive Virtual Reality.
Wearing a special helmet you will dive into the project, being able to walk around and see the final result for yourself.

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