Steenvlinder's Orchard Farm

Build your own dream home

Advice service as bespoke as your dream home.

We have partnered with Steenvlinder, the community-driven developer for self-builders.

If you are an aspiring self-builder, you can find in Orchard Farm a unique community, [insert SP]

As architectural partners, we work closely with Steenvlinder and are well aware of the creative possibilities that you can achieve on your Orchard Farm's plot (and what you can't).

And just like Steenvlinder, we too believe that any form of self-build will result in a variety of well-designed and better built homes, where people can live happier lives.

Our Director Rick Fabrizio will provide 1 to 1 one advice, helping you to prepare for your self-build journey and then achieve your goals for a dream home.

Become a proud home owner in a unique and vibrant community: Orchard Farm, where proud people and pleasant places develop.
You too can build your bespoke dream home with the help of our experts.

A great team delivers great results for you to enjoy for many, many years to come.

Are you dreaming of a bespoke home?

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More info about Orchard Farm: STEENVLINDER